Modern Pergola
Modern Pergola
Modern Pergola
Modern Pergola

Pergola Modern


New era has begun, this structure gives you the natural beauty of wood and the durability and strength of aluminum, this high-end structure will bring stylish to your outdoor living area meeting the most demanding requirements both residential and commercial needs.



  • This pergola has 3 different types of columns to choose
  • Innovative and modern stylish.
  • Long lasting, built with premium quality aluminum components and stainless-steel hardware.
  • Perfect for Commercial Purpose. Low-maintenance just clean occasionally to maintain a beautiful appearance.
  • Harmony with any type of structure and environment.
  • Selection over 4 exclusive powder coat finishes.
  • Different covered options available.
  • This amazing structure is available Freestanding structure and attached Structure also.
  • Invisible Rain Gutters Included. Allows the structure collect rain water in a more orderly manner, avoiding water spills.



Columns: 3 different models to choose

  • 1. 4 x 2.5” x 2.5” Aluminum tubes, the Crown Model
  • 2. 2 x 3” x 8” Aluminum tubes, the Bold Model
  • 3. 1 x 8” x 8” aluminum Tube, the Minimalist Model


  • 3” X 8” Aluminum Beam join the columns.


  • 2” X 6” aluminum Rafter


  • Powder Coating
  • Different options to choose
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Perello Patio Designs structures that can easily be assemble by two people, in very short time, no including mounting surface preparation. For stability, columns must be attached to concrete footings or a concrete slab using the supplied hardware. Attachment to a deck is also possible with the optional universal deck mounting kit. Every single structure Perello Patio design meets the higher standards and are in accomplished with the Florida Building Codes. Our Wood structure never Deflects. Drawings and calcs are available for each model