Spending some quality time in the great outdoors is often a cure for whatever ails you (long hours at the office, a brutal commute, never-ending chores). Why not reciprocate the love that outdoor rooms show you with these ideas guaranteed to perk up a patio? We’re betting they’ll make you want to spend even more time outside!

Make It Memorable

Strike that highly coveted balance between modern and vintage with just a few savvy touches: a zap of peacock blue, a vintage letter as artwork, the gray-and-white checkerboard concrete slab, and a centerpiece of succulents sunk into twine-wrapped pots.

The Secret Garden (Bench)

This little bench is tucked away nearly out of sight. Sheltered by a leafy canopy, softened with pillows, and surrounded by billowing potted plants, it’s a serene spot to soak up a garden’s beauty.

Seating a Crowd

Most outdoor furniture is meant to oblige just a few folks, but this L-shape table stretches long enough that it can accommodate lots of people — and food to feed ’em. Heavy-duty, concrete-block pillars hold aloft a tabletop of humble wood planks for a sturdy, weatherproof table and buffet.

The Light Fantastic

Almost any container that transmits light — from large glass jars to open-weave baskets like these — can stand in as a shade on an overhead pendant. Simply thread the cord through one end of the basket, screw in the bulb and a glass globe, and flip the switch. Hanging a whole throng, rather than just one, gives the fixtures even more of the spotlight.

Black and White Booster

Never underestimate the impact of a tall garden container spiked with bright blooms. (The sunny yellow flowers are even more eye-catching because the pot is black and white.) Flanking a doorway, tucked in a corner, or marking a path, such hefty containers add architecture and visual weight to an outdoor room.

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