• Decks

    Product Description: Exclusive colors & patterns give you endless possibilities. The latest Naturale™ line features a unique treatment on the shield to make it the most natural feeling capped wood plastic composite EVER.. decking comes in solid & hollow profiles for both commercial and residential applications, with the flexibility to choose between common screws and hidden fasteners. All of them are wrapped 360 degrees, including the grooves. The shield provides ULTRA PROTECTION against moisture, mold, fade, and mildew. Our Decking Installation Includes the base, which is a 2×4 Treated wood (pine#2) basement where the deck will be fixed. Recommended Use:…

  • Outdoor Kitchen

    Product Description: Turn your patio into a outdoor kitchen and eating area without any construction or damage to your backyard. The complete outdoor kitchen solution. Customize your kitchen with top of the line finishes and appliances. Includes natural stone tile or solid granite countertops. Welded Construction Steel Frame Structure is a welded 1″ square steel tube frame, with a galvanized rust proof coating and featuring a weather resistant PVC base to allow the unit to rest on the patio surface without any metal on the ground. Frames are covered by a lifetime warranty. Countertops Natural Stone. Countertops include natural stone…

  • Pergola Bold

    A strong and contemporary design is what makes this wood structure stand out in your outdoor living space. Meticulously crafted and hand finished, your terrace will add a unique yet classical style. FEATURES: – Harmony with any type of structure and environment. – Robustness defines this structure. This is a very long-lasting pergola. – Thick wood beams over the columns add more strength and style to this structure by a strong steel piece which makes the difference. – Wood Rafters over the main beams create an original look differentiated by its robustness. – Decision to pick any color. – This…

  • Pergola Classic

    The eternal Pergola design. This Beautiful Wood structure a timeless addition to your outdoor living space. Meticulously crafted and hand finished, Pergola Classic will add style to your exterior environ ment. The use of thick Rafters adds more personality and strength. FEATURES: – 6” X 6” Wood Columns with laterals supports makes columns bold. – A pair of 3” x 8” Wood Beams over the columns. These thick beams add more strength to this structure. – 4” x 6” Wood Rafters over the main Beams. PRICE: FROM $32/SQF REQUEST A QUOTE

  • Pergola Modern

    The new era has begun. This structure gives you the natural beauty of wood and the durability and strength of aluminum. The PERGOLA MODERN is a high-end structure which will bring style to your outdoor living area, meeting the most demanding requirements, both residential and commercial needs. FEATURES: – Innovative and modern style. – Long- lasting Pergola, built with premium quality aluminum components and stainless-steel hardware. – Perfect for commercial purpose. Low-maintenance is all that is needed for a beautiful and outstanding pergola. – Harmony with any type of structure and environment. – Thick aluminum beams over the columns add…

  • Pergola Standard

    Our basic model design. Beautiful as always, this wood structure will let you enjoy your summer at great price and quality. Bring the natural look of the wood to your backyard with this simple and beautiful structure. With many options and additions, the Standard pergola will meet your needs for less. FEATURES: – Harmony with any type of structure and environment. It does not matter if your home is modern style or classic, this wood structure will match perfectly with any kind of style. – The design brings you a quick Installation. – Low Maintenance, the quality of the materials…

  • Turf (Synthetic Grass)

    Product Description:

    A 1.5 INCH PILE, POLYETHILENE MONOFILAMENT WITH THATCH CONSTRUCTION. This Product is design for landscaping application.

    Recommended Use: Moderate to Heavy Traffic.

    Color: Field Green/Olive Green


    *This product has been tested to ensure safety and non-toxicity


    -Natural appearance.

    -No Water Soluble.

    -No harmful environmental effects

    -UV stabilized.

    -Low Cost Maintenance.


    TURF Characteristics

    -Pile/Face Weight: Approx. 62ounces

    -Pile Height: 1.5 inch

    -Machine Gauge: ½ Inch

    -Tach Color: Brown


    BACKING Characteristics:

    -Primary Backing 1

    -Composite Structure: 13Pic

    -Weight: 3.5 Ounces per Yard


    Additional Info:

    Drainage Rate: 30+ Inches of Rain per Hour per square yard

    PRICE: FROM 3.5$/SQF



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